About MiniPrint

At MiniPrint, we strive to continually provide a truly first class service to all our clients, current and prospective. We aspire to find new and innovative ways to improve upon the service that our clients have come to know, respect and expect from us. To that end, we firmly believe that you deserve our very best effort.

MiniPrint's sincere commitment to service includes but is certainly not limited to:
Providing high quality products
Assistance in designing products that will best serve your purpose
Offering the best possible price
Delivering as expeditiously as possible
Providing solutions and / or alternatives to your problems
Looking for new ideas and innovative ways to incorporate new ideas
Helping to make you as successful as you want to be

Our friendly staff are trained, experienced and highly qualified to meet your expectations. We welcome the opportunity of demonstrating our service commitment to you!!

While efficiently and effectively serving small and medium businesses in Canada and in the United States, MiniPrint caters to entrepreneurs and to the cottage industry in Atlantic Canada.

If we could serve you better, please tell us! If you liked our service, please tell others.

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